Job listings bounce back as workers look for jobs

A new report reveals the nation’s most in-demand careers, with one state seeing a significant surge in advertised positions.

Job listings have rebounded from a seven-month slump as the surprising situation saw a huge surge in advertised jobs.

Job listings across the country rose 2.8% month-on-month in January, the first rise since May 2022, according to a new report released Friday by online job site Seek.

The data show that employment in manufacturing, transport and logistics increased by 5.3% nationally, driving growth, while Tasmania had the highest job growth of any state or territory in Australia. , showing an increase of 8.5%.

Job ads increased month-on-month in January for the first time since May 2022. Picture – Supplied.

This is due to his 33% increase in postings in the hospitality and tourism sector. The increase in available vacancies follows seven months of declining vacancies across Australia.

Last year, job ads fell 8.1% across the country, with the largest declines in Victoria (13.8%), the Australian Capital Territory (13.2%) and Western Australia (11.9%).

Only Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland buck the national trend with rising vacancies.

Kendra Banks, CEO of SEEK ANZ, said data shows Australians are on the move in their careers, with more applications per job posting in all sectors except real estate and real estate said it does.

SEEK ANZ managing director Kendra Banks says Australians are making career moves.
SEEK ANZ managing director Kendra Banks says Australians are making career moves.

Recruitment activity remained stable in January and candidate activity continues to recover, as the focus is on the global economy and uncertainty about what will happen to Australians in 2023, she said. she said.

“The 2.8% figure looks like she’s up slightly from a seven-month decline, but job listings are above pre-pandemic levels in most industries. “For example, job ads are still over 55% higher in the employment industry, which is the largest by volume. More and more Australians are taking the opportunity to explore their career options.”

Mr Banks said Queensland is responsible for much of the national job growth, with a rise in hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, transport and IT sectors.

Two of the largest recruitment industries, trade and services, manufacturing and transportation and logistics, continued to grow across Australia last month, recording the highest volume of job advertisements placed on SEEK.

Significant growth was also seen in consulting, design, human resources, accounting and sales.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said last week that the country’s economy cut her 11,500 jobs in January, raising the official unemployment rate to 3.7% from 0.2%.

Bjorn Jarvis, head of labor statistics at the ABS, believes the January rally will be the most seasonal time of the year for the job market as people switch jobs or return from furloughs. increase.

“This year he saw more people in January than usual with jobs suggesting they either start or go back to work later this month,” he said.

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